Today, you can rely on a reliable construction and renovation company to assist you in remodeling or improving a specific area of your home. This means that when you want a living room renovation, bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation, you can have your long-time, trusted contractor do this job for you. There are many construction companies that focus on renovation of just one room or area of your house. When you want your bathroom renovated, there are contractors that can help you with this. When you want to obtain air conditioning in Nanaimo, there are different companies that offer that service, as well. Here are things to have in mind when choosing a company to help with renovating your bathroom.


Make a list of companies that have been recommended to you by your friends, neighbors, relatives or close colleagues. These people might have hired a similar company to do bathroom renovation in their homes in the past. You can also get an idea of the best company in this area from professionals in construction industries.


From the list you have made, ask how long each company has been in this business. Remember, a company that has more than five years of practice is likely to have a better reputation than others, and more experience. An experienced company has also faced many challenges in bathroom renovations, and will offer you the highest quality services.

Look At Complete Projects

Visit different homes and see the projects that a potential company has finished. You can look at the photos of the projects that the company has done on their website or in the company’s portfolio. However, remember that these pictures might not be always genuine. Also remember to ask the company to give you some references from their client list.

Cost of Renovation

Price is one thing that plays an important role when making your decision. Remember, it is not good to put affordability in front of service quality, and it’s unwise to choose a company without knowing their pricing first. Ensure that the quality of the products/services to be used in the renovation is equivalent to the cost. Look at what after sale services the company will offer you. Also, the bathroom renovation company you choose should not be ridiculously cheap, as it could be an indication of low quality services.

Licensing and Training

Check to ensure that a potential company has a genuine license from the relevant authorities. You can know the validity of the license presented to you by visiting the local authority and asking questions on this. The company’s workers should be well-trained from a reputable institution. Ask for the workers’ certificate of training to see if they are genuine. You can also visit the training institution they attended, just to be sure.


Remember, construction work comes with a high risk of accident. Your property may get damaged or workers might sustain injuries during construction. Just like when hiring a company for air conditioning in Nanaimo, insurance is important to cater for any property damages and health expenses of workers who might get injured during the renovation, so make sure the company you choose is fully insured.





Kettie Moore