When septic tank repairs are needed, not only are video camera inspections one of the newest methods to perform repairs, but is one of the most reliable methods for repair techs to get a full, better understanding of the repairs which have to be completed. When performing video camera inspections, not only do repair techs have a full view of the septic system, they can see minute cracks, details, or damage, which isn’t visible to the naked eye, or during a routine inspection. Additionally, when performing septic tank repairs, they are going to know which methods to employ, the best way to tackle the repairs, and are going to have a full, better understanding of the septic system, which they wouldn’t have if not for the video camera they employ during a routine inspection.

Proper equipment –
Video camera inspections can only be performed when repair techs have the right equipment in place. In selecting a repair company, look for those which use fully subversive; fully waterproof video cameras to perform repair inspections. It is important to make sure the cameras used are full HD, can go deep below ground, and can perform a 360 degree view of the septic system and tank which needs repair services. Basically, you want to hire a company which is going to employ use of the most sophisticated equipment, the best quality camera system, and those which can handle the water, sediment, and other potential substances it will come into contact with, when performing an inspection below ground, and in the septic system.

Eliminate guesswork –
When septic repairs are needed, another reason the use of video cameras is a beneficial tool is that it eliminates guesswork which was present in the past. Previously, repair techs did what’s called an eye exam. Basically, they viewed and inspected the system with the naked eye. However, video cameras can enter pipes which are as slim as 2″, and can go below ground to much further depths than the naked eye can go. This not only gives the repair techs a better understanding of the problems, but allows them to see chips, cracks, and other damage to the septic system; they weren’t able to see in the past. This gives a much more accurate view and understanding of repairs to be performed, and allows repair techs to fully guarantee all of the work they are going to perform once they complete the inspection, and are ready to tackle the actual repair of the septic system and sewer lines.

If septic leaks are an issue, drainage is a problem, leaks, spills, or back up of the septic tank and plumbing lines are occurring in the home or a commercial system, it is important to have inspections and repair services performed immediately. When hiring a company to do repair work, rely on those which use the latest technologies, best systems, and fully guarantee the performance, quality, and understanding of the systems they are going to repair, thanks to the improvements and visibility they have, through the use of video camera technologies during inspections.

Kettie Moore