Choosing the proper roofing for your home may be to a small degree trying. With such a big amount of kinds of roofing obtainable, you’ll want to decide on the materials best suited to your atmosphere, housing vogue and budget.

Your roof ought to meet high building safety standards; therefore it’s necessary to think about the standard of service, products, materials and installation. Knowing additional concerning your choices before creating the ultimate choice can make sure you area unit pleased with the results.

Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing is one in every of the foremost common designs for homes. Once you drive through a region, chances are high that, most of the roofs you see are going to be shingle roofs. There are a unit a range of reasons for shingle roofing’s quality, as well as it’s vary of favor and color choices and its comparatively low price (compared to another materials).

Shingles area unit put in by being overlapped in associate degree offset manner, from rock bottom to the highest of the roof. This ensures that the roof is water repellent, permitting rain to empty effectively.

The type of shingles obtainable that you just can ultimately select can rely on many factors. The pitch of your roof, the development methodology and therefore the convenience of native merchandise area unit all typical concerns.

For example, plastic shingles area unit obtainable, however don’t seem to be ordinarily chosen, particularly close to places wherever wildfires area unit common. The plastic may be flammable and is healthier fitted to less volatile environments. Identical is true of wood shingles and organic-based asphalt roofing materials.

Another issue which will limit your choices for shingle material is that the construction methodology. Some shingles need over layer on the roof deck, whereas others may be put in on a spine. Several shingles area unit put in over underlay material to forestall leaks, like from intense rain or snow dams. You’ll need to raise your roofing contractor what the stipulations area unit for your specific roof before obtaining started.

The most ordinarily obtainable kinds of shingle roofing include:

Wood: Wood shingles area unit ancient and are available in 2 forms—shingles and shakes. The first distinction between the 2 is however they’re created. Whereas each come back from larger items of wood, shingles area unit sawn, whereas shakes area unit split. Shakes have a additional irregular or non-uniform form, which supplies them a additional rugged look. Shakes area unit usually utilized in damp, coast environments and for formation housing. Overall, fewer householders install wood shingles attributable to their flammability and maintenance prices.

Flagstone or Slate: flag and slate shingles area unit costlier than other materials, however they’re well worth the investment with reference to sturdiness. Stone or slate shingles will last up to four hundred years with the correct care. With this type of longevity, it’s simple to justify the larger direct price. The 2 biggest factors that contribute to slate’s long period area unit maintenance and kind of slate used. Slate shingles area unit reusable as a result of they’ll even be rapt from one building roof to a different while not losing sturdiness.

Metal: most frequently utilized in places wherever wildfires area unit a possible threat, metal shingles area unit terribly proof against fires. Otherwise, in additional temperate areas, they’re not a customary alternative.

Plastic: Plastic is that the primary material in imitation slate shingles. These give the gorgeous look of slate shingles while not the price. Of course, plastic doesn’t endure for the many years slate will, however the general visual result continues to be there. Plastics don’t work well in fire-prone areas; therefore this could be one thing you wish to think about.

Composite Materials: Composite shingles, like covering material asphalt shingles, area unit the foremost common used building material in yankee residential construction. This kind is simple to put in, reusable and cheap. a large vary of colours is accessible for a few flexibility within the final look of your home. Composite shingles last concerning twenty to fifty years.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs area unit most typical in arid, dry climates like desert states. they’re ordinarily seen in NV, Arizona, American state and places wherever precipitation and different precipitation is infrequent .

Although they appear flat, there’s really a roof pitch of concerning ten degrees. many of us love this variety of roof as a result of it permits for the roof to be used as extra out of doors area, like for a garden or amusing area.

Flat roofs area unit created of concrete, masonry or tar. The sun’s heat is that the biggest environmental threat to flat roofs. A surface coating helps keep heat out whereas additionally remaining quite cheap and simple to construct. a skinny waterproofing material is sometimes put in as a canopy to the roof surface. Known as a membrane, these surfaces guarantee water drains effectively into gutters.

If the membrane fails attributable to poor maintenance or different problems, collected water will cause major harm to the home’s structure below. Water could be a surreptitious downside. a lot of of the destruction is finished before it’s seen within the building. Leaks may be troublesome to trace with a flat roof.

If you’ve got a bigger budget, flat roofs may be created mistreatment lead, tin or copper. This helps with sturdiness and leak bar, however may be problematic. They’re generally targets for thieves because the roof is analogous to copper piping.

Cedar Shakes

Split from logs, cedar shakes area unit similar in look to shingles. The very best quality shakes area unit used for roofs, whereas lower quality shakes area unit applied as siding. This is often a standard variety of roofing and siding for formation homes on the geographical region of the U.S. they’re usually seen in places just like the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard, the coast of American state and therefore the Outer Banks.

Shakes give nice protection from weather and area unit quite sturdy. They are doing need some maintenance, however the general public WHO install shakes area unit alert to the required maintenance. They supply the additional look after the country, coast aesthetic and coastal believability. As a result of their split from logs, no 2 shakes area unit precisely the same.

Composite Roofs

Available in an exceedingly sort of designs, materials and colours, composite roofing provides flexibility in look. Created as another to now-banned amphibole roofing, composite roofs may be crafted to appear like wood or slate. This kind of roofing is costlier than other sorts, cost accounting up to fourfold over asphalt shingles.


To select the proper roofing for your home, 1st slim the alternatives to what’s obtainable in your space. Speak with completely different contractors concerning what they need to supply, further as what they’d suggest because the best option.

Consider the protecting factors of each:

  • Durability
  • Expected lifespan
  • Budget
  • Suitability for your roof pitch
  • Required maintenance
  • Your targeted aesthetic

Some individuals have a transparent plan of what they need their roof to appear like, and for them, the selection may be a fast one. But, if you’re unsure, have a discussion together with your contractor and acquire additional insight. Read their gallery of labor and hear their recommendation. With a bit little bit of analysis, you’ll have a roof you’ll love for years to come back.

Kettie Moore