Fences are very important, as they help to prevent intruders from trespassing through designated areas. They also help to keep pets and children within your property. Besides fencing residential property, fences may also be used to fence sports and recreational facilities, as well as commercial establishments. Fortunately, there are companies that have specialized in providing topnotch fencing solutions for different applications.

Fencing Solutions in Kelowna

If you are in the City of Kelowna, you can find reputable companies that offer different fencing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential use. They have superior quality and flexible fencing solutions which are designed to ensure optimum safety and long-term durability. Moreover, these companies are staffed with highly-skilled installation crews that are trained to handle different types of fence installations. Some of their fencing solutions include:

Residential Fencing Solutions

These include:

  1. Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Chain link fence systems are designed to preserve views while providing tranquility to just about any property. They also offer long-lasting and maintenance-free protection. Galvanized chain link fences in particular are economical strong and durable. They are reliable fencing solutions which are easy to repair and maintain.

  1. Vinyl-coated Chain Link Fences

These companies also offer vinyl “mesh” fences, which are made from top quality polyvinyl compounds, allowing for optimum durability. These types of fences are also maintenance-free and do not need any painting as they do not rust or rot. The fences normally come in a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from. They will also add style and beauty to your property, while adding economical security to the property.

III. Residential Ornamental Iron Fencing

This is another high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing fence, which will increase the value of your property and provide optimum security. Build to offer maximum strength and durability, this type of fence does not require maintenance. The fence comes in different sizes, styles and colours to choose from.

  1. Residential Private Inserts

You can change the appearance of your fence and enhance the privacy of your property by adding privacy inserts or slats. These are extruded high-density polyethylene materials that contain ultraviolet inhibitors and color pigments, which help to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. They also come in a range of colors and sizes to choose from.

Other residential fencing solutions that are offered by these companies are dog runs and kennels.

Commercial Fencing Solutions

If you are looking for the best commercial fence in Kelowna, these fencing specialists can also help. Some of their residential fencing solutions include:

  1. Backstops: whether you are in need of backstops with or without overhangs, these specialists can help. Their backstops come in different heights and can be customized to suit your specific needs. They also erect outfield fences and dugouts.
  2. Oilfield Fencing: If you are looking for strong, durable, and customizable fencing solutions to secure your well heads, tanks, meter stations valves or any other important oil-field equipment, these companies can also help. They normally offer free-standing fencing panels for different applications. Whether you need light, medium or heavy-duty fencing options, they have you covered.

III. Farm/Field Wire Fencing: These companies also offer a wide range of ranch, farm and game fencing options. Some of their fencing solutions include farm and ranch fences, lawn fences, fixed knot game fences, barbed wire and high-tensile fences.

Other commercial fencing options that they offer include: Tennis court fencing, post and cable fencing, cantilever gates and automatic gate systems, among others. Whether you are looking for the best chain link fence or commercial fence in Kelowna, these companies have whatever you may need.



Kettie Moore